50 Boats. 100 anglers participated in this charity event. Monies raised will go towards our two charities: the Southeastern EMS Directors Association Paramedic Scholarship Fund and the Chattanooga Forgotten Child Fund.

Here are the top 20 teams.....

BIG FISH WINNER:  7.06 pd. bass: Anthony Nash, Warren County EMS

1st Place: 24.21 pds. Anthony Nash & Matt Stanley, Warren County EMS

2nd Place: 18.24 pds. Jonathan & Brent Lassetter, Rossville Police Department

3rd Place: 17.76 pds. Ben Bradley & Nick Pratt, Chattanooga Fire & Police

4th Place: 17.53 pds. Ken Bingham & Ken Bingham, Jr. , CHI Memorial Hospital

5th Place: 17.29 pds. James & Christopher Burkhart, East Ridge Fire Department

6th Place:  16.66 pds. Haden Lamb & Jim Barnick, Hollywood Police (Florida)

7th Place: 15.00 pds. Chris Coffey & Jamie Willis, Chattanooga Police

8th Place: 13.35 pds. Raymond Reed & Mike James

9th Place: 13.45 pds: Ben Bradley & Nick Pratt, Chattanooga Fire

10th Place: 12.12 pds: Curtis & Christy Triplett, Warren County EMS

11th Place: 11.94 pds. Kevin Miller & Justin Whaley, HCEMS.

12th Place: 10.94 pds: Chad & Amber Regal, Warren County EMS

13th Place: 10.92 pds: Robert Clark & Jonathan Moore, Star Regional Emergency Dept.

14th Place: 10.55 pds. Chris Mason & Brett Taylor, Cleveland Police

15th Place: 10.45 pds. Mason Mantooth & James Burkhart, East Ridge Fire

16th Place: 11.39 pds. Tyler Ezell & Doug Rosser, East Ridge FD

17th Place: 10.95 pds. Jake Weddington & Joey Steele, Mowbray VFD

18th Place: 10.72 pds. Dan Broom & Steve Scott, HCEMS

19th Place: 10.96 pds. Nick & Jeff Holt, Puckett EMS

20th Place: 10.36 pds. Chad & Amber Regal, Walker County FD





1st Place Winners: Matt Stanley & Anthony Nash, Warren Co. EMS